KR Georg Spiegelfeld


General sworn and court certified expert





» I founded the company in 1981 and still enjoy working as an expert, trustee and broker today. Mastering new challenges every day, always keeping our finger on the pulse and advising our customers personally, flexibly, creatively and professionally together with my employees is what makes us special and gives us great pleasure. «



Phone: +43 1513 2313 - 30


Ursula Pfrommer


PA to management



» After almost 30 years at Spiegelfeld Immobilien, I still work with all my heart and soul for the company and am not only in charge of the back office, but am also responsible for accounting and, thanks to the management’s confidence in me, for all administrative and project-related activities. «



Phone: +43 1513 2313 - 18


Dr. Andrea Mittermayr


Residential property & apartment buildings



» Honest consultation on all real estate issues has top priority for me. Which is why I always try to answer all legal questions regarding property law as well as tenancy law in the best possible way. It is not just personally really important to me to have satisfied customers, but also a great pleasure. «



Phone: +43 1513 2313 - 13


Miria Scamuzzi


Marketing, PR and events
PA to Gabi Spiegelfeld



» My many years of professional experience, great enjoyment in my work and my constant desire for new challenges characterise my way of working. Due to the very diverse activities, I have different tasks every day, but also new contacts with interesting people from a whole range of areas. «



Phone: +43 1513 2313 - 29


Johannes Kahr


Logistics & commercial real estate



» Buying, selling or renting, leasing a property is always a big step! I am of the opinion that real estate is one of the most valuable assets in life, and you need a partner with expertise and vision for such a step. It gives me joy and pride to be able to help others make these important decisions. «



Phone: +43 1513 2313 - 12


Harald Rank


Head of Commercial Real Estate



» Even after more than 27 years in the real estate industry, I still pursue my profession with enthusiasm, and besides the enjoyment in my work, I can also claim experience and above all maximum expertise in the market. Just like Confucius once said: “Choose a job you love, and you won't have to work another day in your life. «



Phone: +43 1513 2313 - 33


Dipl. Kfm.

Fridolin Angerer


Forests, land & castles



» I understand my clients’ wishes only too well, as I live in a charming forester’s lodge in the countryside, in close contact with stags and deer. I put all my passion, experience and expertise into brokering historical country estates and villas, which are built for generations and convey a sense of living and security in equal measure. «



Phone: +43 1513 2313 - 42


Sabrina Ritter


Residential property



» One special source of inspiration for my work is my passion for the art of Viennese architecture. I always try to meet our clients’ personal values and wishes with tailor-made solutions and to provide clarity when brokering property with my knowledge of the current market and my consulting work. «



Phone: +43 1513 2313 - 201


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