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Gabi Spiegelfeld & Miria Scamuzzi

Bright Minds


Gabi and Georg Spiegelfeld launched the “Bright Minds” – Best Brains initiative at a table with media support from the Kurier/Trend in 2012.


Austria/Vienna is losing importance as a business location. People whose word matters are developing reforms that are presented to political opinion leaders. “We must not allow ourselves to be discouraged and must continue to work on making Austria/Vienna economically attractive again,” say the entrepreneurs.

Klub für Frauen (Women’s Club)


Gabi Spiegelfeld and Eva Glawischnig launched a non-partisan initiative in 2002: the “Klub für Frauen”.


An association of women from various fields, business, politics, media, art and culture, who want to make a difference for women. “We want to raise public awareness for women’s issues: mobilise the public, offer solutions and act as communicative multipliers,” say the organisers. Awareness-raising activities include panel discussions as well as the “Women in Focus” series.

Salon Z

Traditional Monday discussion in a new guise, continued following the example of the salonnière Berta Zuckerkandl.


Markus Schindler and Gabi Spiegelfeld started a new discussion series in 2013 in the Bel Etage at Cafe Landtmann. The two entrepreneurs offer opinion leaders in the country a networking platform based on a traditional model. “The Monday event is intended to be a meeting place for personalities who have something to say and topics of socio-political relevance,” say the salon hosts.

The Spiegelfeld Kommunikation team


Gabi Spiegelfeld &

Miria Scamuzzi


 Stubenring 20, 1010 Wien


Phone: +43 1 513 23 13

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