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Real estate valuation

Real estate valuation

When it comes to the valuation of properties, Spiegelfeld is your guarantor of clarity in all matters. With the aid of Spiegelfeld & Wohlgemuth Liegenschaftsbewertungen OG, established in 2002 for precisely that purpose. Their sworn appraisers and real estate experts are genuine specialists when it comes to the compilation of your valuation report. They have a high degree of expertise, many years of experience in the industry and national and international market knowledge. Qualities which are essential for the precise determination of market value.


45 years of

market experience

As an internationally successful real estate company, Spiegelfeld is particularly well positioned as a highly effective operator. The wide range of services covers every area, from brokerage and advice concerning valuation and project development right through to networking with regional expert partners. All of which means that you can approach us at any time with complete confidence with your questions and commissions in the field of real estate. We will be happy to inform and advise you in detail to your complete satisfaction.                  


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